Welcome to the 5th Annual
Jalloo Festival of Animation and Games

The Atlantic Coast's gathering of professionals for Animation and Games.

Jalloo exists to help promote and develop the Animation and Games industry in the Atlantic provinces.

The Annual Jalloo Festival plus a variety of activities during the year allows professionals the opportunity to network, meet new professionals just entering the industry, meet with guest speakers from all over, and take part in professional development through discussions, panels, and workshops.

Game Jam and Animation Festival

The main conference ends at lunch on Thursday, 21 June. But the fun is not over because the conference is followed up by two events that make Jalloo into a real festival: Animation Festival and Game Jam!

Animation Festival - 2:30pm Thu 21 June 2012

We will be screening submissions from animators all over, with a special focus on animators from the Atlantic region (but not exclusively).Animations may be 2D, 3D, stop motion, or any other form of animation.

Cash prizes:

  • $100 each for top 2D student short, top 3D student short.
  • $200 each for top 2D professional short, top 3D professional short
  • $200 for audience favourite

Submission deadline: 8am Monday, 11 June, 2012

If you are interested in submitting an animation, contact us for format and submission details.

24 Hour Game Jam 4pm Thu 21 June - 5 or 6pm Fri 22 June 2012

At 4pm Thursday individuals with an interest in game art (2D and 3D), audio, programming, and design will gather together to hear the theme and constraints around which they must build teams and then build a game. Come as individuals and form your team on the spot with the help of some social exercises. Participants will be students and professionals alike. Four computer labs will be open around the clock for teams to plan and implement their games. Coffee and snacks will be provided. At 4pm Friday, exhausted but triumphant teams will present their accomplishments and share their sorrows in the main theatre.

This year recruiters are being steered towards the Game Jam as a chance to see potential employees, artists, designers, programmers, etc in action. So this will be your chance to network and to shine.

When registering, please note the Game Jam as one of your interests if you are planning to either participate or just look in and see what is going on.

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