June 2010

This Jam was held right on the tails of the Jalloo Festival, running from 17-18 June around the clock.

Seven teams participated in Jalloo's 24hr Game Jam, including Game and Animation professionals, people just graduating from 3D, Animation or Programming, and several year 1 3D and Programming students.

Team 1: Toes.


Monster under the bed eating toes that hang over.

Made in Flash CS 4.


Ryan Creighton (Untold Entertainment) - Programmer
Martin Copp (NBCC Miramichi) - Programmer
Brad Lamey (grad Animation) - Graphics
Bryan Viau (grad 3D) - Graphics


Team 2: Vampire Vernon

Vampire Vernon

Vernon needs cheese to survive, but watch out for knives and garlic!

Made in DirectX 3D (C++)


Aaron MacDonald (yr1 Programming) - Programmer
"Slash" Cormier (yr1 Programming) - Programmer
Patrick Ward (yr1 3D) - Graphics


Team 3 - Shadow Defence

Shadow Defence

Chop down trees and set them on fire to deter and kill the shadows comming to destroy your cabin in the woods.

Made in Flash CS 4


Stéphanie Arseneau (yr 1 Programming) - Graphics
Andy Moore (anydmoore.ca) - Programming
Rob Anderson (Noise2Signal) - Audio/Graphics
Gene Fowler (Loogaroo) - Graphics


Team 4 - SalvageJam


Find the tools you need to eacape the dungeon.

Built in GameMaker.


Jamie Carroll (yr 1 Programming) - Programming
Dave Proctor (yr 1 Programming) - Programming
Justin Clark (grad 3D) - Graphics
Brandon LeFloch (yr 1 3D) - Graphics


Team 5 - Ghost Jam


You are trapped in a haunted house. You must escape!

Made in GameMaker.


Kip Atchison (yr 1 Programming) - Graphics/Programming
Joseph O'Connor (yr 1 Programming) - Graphics/Programming
Jarod McLellen (yr 1 Programming) - Programming


Team 6 - Escape from Blahrs


Use and evade the UFO's attempting to adbuct you as you try to escape the maze. V1 - simple V2 - advanced (glitchy)

Made in GameMaker.


Gord Jennings (yr 1 Programming) - Programming
Jon Pollock (yr 1 Programming) - Programming
Dave Woodard (NBCC Miramichi) - Graphics
Chris Roy (yr 1 Programming) - Programming, Audio


Team 7 - Mystic Cards

Card Game

Gather mana to power your cards in combat against your opponent.

Made in Flash CS4.


Jacob Rutherford (grad Programming) - Programming
Kyle Leet (grad Programming) - Programming
Sam Bowbridge (grad 3D) - Graphics

why Jalloo?
ja·lloo [jah·lu]
 : noun; from the Manx Gaelic dictionary 
picture, figure, bust, sculpture, idol, drawing, effigy, altarpiece, image, carving, icon, painting, or statue.

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